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Boden Type Data Center One

The data centre - Boden Type DC One

The BTDC project will demonstrate a range of highly innovative key engineering principles used to construct the most cost and energy efficient data centers with minimal environmental impact

The Boden Type DC ONE solution offers sustainable data centre building, which is energy and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle, cheaper to build and operate and brings jobs and knowledge to remote places.

Data centres consists of two distinct elements: The IT equipment and the surrounding service envelope.

The Boden Type DC ONE innovation is a new, holistic design approach for data centres surrounding services.

The aim of Boden Type DC ONE is to integrate adiabatic fresh air cooling, modular building design, clean and high quality electricity supplied by renewable energy source, ideal climate and service infrastructure. 



Efficient fresh air cooling

  • Harmonic free (clean) electricity enabling us to remove the inefficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from the data centre
  • Direct fresh air supported by evaporative cooling as a replacement for inefficient refrigeration based cooling systems
  • Process controls to maintain efficiency at varying loads and at partial population of the data centre

Modular building design

  • Provide a modular construction which allows simple building expansion without compromising efficiency and lowering costs
  • Install services in modules (discrete units) to maintain efficiency as the net load of data centre expands or contracts
  • design a data centre in which different modules may have different resilience/redundancy levels to suit the local service level requirements

Renewable energy

  • Pilot a scheme which shall use 100% renewable energy
  • Demonstrate how, through active power quality management by the generator, renewable energy can be a cost-effective solution to data centre power requirements
  • to evaluate the use of waste heat   (e.g for drying biomass, district or domestic heating) to provide a cost-effective solution for its use

Favourable location

  • We will simulate the operation of our design in locations, which have less favourable climate


Our three PODs

We want to put our research facility to the test. The three data rooms – as we call them PODs – have been designed for different hardware and applications. POD 1 is populated with open compute servers. POD 2 has been designed for applications running on GPUs. POD 3 accomodates application specific integrated circuits known as ASIC servers.


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