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Boden Type DC – Newsletter Q4 2019
8 january 2020

Boden Type DC – Newsletter Q4 2019

In this edition we report about BTDC’s recent success at the DCD awards, make you familiar with a key research tool behind holistic cooling and continue our series introducing the consortium members.

At the same time our project team wishes you a great holiday season and all the best for the coming year!

Quick facts

  • Boden Type DC is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon2020 programme.
  • The aim of the project is to build and operate the world’s most cost and energy efficient data center at minimal environmental impact.
  • 5 consortium members from 4 countries.
    • H1 Systems.
    • EcoCooling.
    • Fraunhofer IOSB.
    • RISE SICS North.
    • Boden Business Agency.
  • The pilot site of the concept called Boden Type DC One was built in Boden, Sweden in less than 5 months.
  • Boden Type DC One was inaugurated in February 2019.
  • 180 m2 total white space with 600 kW total capacity.


Boden Type DC wins prestigious DCD Award

Many say DCD’s Annual Global Awards Ceremony is the Oscars of the data center industry. Several hundred participants gathered from all over the world in London on the 5th of December to see who this year’s winners are.  The Boden Type DC project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme came first in the Non-profit category competing with other ambitious ideas. This award is about recognizing the great initiatives to educate and influence the data center sector that NGOs, professional bodies and academia put together.

Alan Beresford, MD EcoCooling and László Kozma, Project Coordinator, H1 systems with the Award.

Alan Beresford, MD EcoCooling and László Kozma, Project Coordinator, H1 systems with the Award.

The judges rewarded the project’s truly remarkable results of the sustainable, ultra efficient, ultra low cost data center that has been built in Boden, Sweden having used highly innovative engineering principles.
Here is how our team members commented the recent success:
“We are very proud that our efforts on sustainable data center development are being recognized through the BTDC project” – says Nils Lindh, Director Data Center Development - Boden Business Agency
"BodenType DC is on its own way to success - it has already happened to us that our very own project was introduced to our engineers as industry best practice in a regional partner event. Great to see how we raise attention all over the world from Singapore’s OCP teams to London’s DCD Award jury. At H1 Systems we were aiming exactly for this great European cooperation with this global goal of increasing data center energy efficiency when we launched our project 2 years ago.”  László Kozma, Project Coordinator, H1 Systems
“The award highlights what has been achieved by the consortium members in the last two years. We are very proud of the project and the results so far and are looking forward to seeing the impact this has on improving the efficiency of data centres across Europe.”  Alan Beresford, MD , EcoCooling
"The wanted position for RISE datacenter research is to contribute to future sustainable datacenters and demonstrate technologies to enable efficient operations. We are proud being part of this successful BTDC H2020 project team and collaboration, says Tor Björn Minde, Head of Labs RISE ICE datacenter research."
“We at Fraunhofer IOSB are very proud to be part of such an excellent team and the outstanding award which we are very honored to receive.”,

Dr. Thomas Usländer, Head of Department Information Management and Production Control, Fraunhofer IOSB

The BTDC team having a bit of fun after having won the prize in the category Non-Profit Initiative of Year

The BTDC team having a bit of fun after having won the prize in the category Non-Profit Initiative of Year

The server wind tunnel - A key research tool behind the holistic cooling approach

In our 3Q2019 newsletter we described the project’s holistic approach on cooling. In this edition we introduce a key research tool that helps define optimal operational server temperatures that are key in order to maximize efficiency.
Partner RISE has had an abstract accepted for the IEEE ITHERM 2020 conference (https://www.ieee-itherm.net/). The conference paper has the title “Experimental analysis of server fan control strategies for improved data center air-based thermal management” and is based on the idea of taking control of server fans from their factory default to squeeze more energy savings. The paper introduces the 10 meter server wind tunnel that RISE has developed to establish the thermal and energy envelope of single Open Compute Project sled of two servers. The results are indicating the optimal “sweet spot” temperatures that the server microprocessors should operate at in order to uses the minimum amount of energy when tasked with different digital workloads.

Schematic drawing of the server wind tunnel

Schematic drawing of the server wind tunnel

The generic server wind tunnel can be seen to be made of two parts. The first section with the tubing represents the direct fresh air cooling that exists in Boden, with the ability to vary the ambient temperature up and down with the help of a heat exchanger using chilled water, a heater and a humidifier. The second part made up of rectangular cross section house the working section where the servers sit and has temperature, humidity and pressure sensors either side of the servers all of which is connected to the opensource monitoring system that is the same as the one used in BTDC One.


The server wind tunnel (… and some evidence of the efforts invested) in RISE’s data center lab

The server wind tunnel (… and some evidence of the efforts invested) in RISE’s data center lab


Boden Type DC - designed & constructed by H1 systems

Meet our consortium members – H1 Systems

H1 Systems Engineering Services was established in 1993 and based in Budapest, Hungary.

We design, build and maintain special data center infrastructures (including high voltage, low voltage, process cooling, fire detection and extinguishing, monitoring and electromagnetic radiation protection systems) and complex security systems. Our portfolio contains various audit services as well. Between our several references you can find Wigner DC and the only one TIER III certified DC in Hungary. We are very proud of our R&D activities.

Our slogan is ‘One Step Ahead’ as we always aim not to give only the usual answers to the questions but to create new technical solutions that go beyond the general technical standard of the era.

We have subsidiaries in Singapore and in Sweden.

The EU-financed Horizon 2020, has awarded a three-year research and innovation datacenter project in Northern Sweden. The aim is to prototype the most energy and cost-efficient datacenter in the world.

The constructed 500kW prototype facility is a living lab and demonstration site, as it is tested by providers and end-users in a real operation environment with all aspects of its operations measured. Project stakeholders validate feasibility, energy efficiency and usability of the prototype.

Our vision for Boden Type Data Center (BTDC)

The aim is to integrate adiabatic fresh air cooling, modular building design, clean and high-quality electricity supplied by a renewable energy source, ideal climate and service infrastructure. We named this new type of data centre design approach the Boden Type Data Centre, as it has been built for the first time in Boden, North Sweden.


In order to achieve world class energy efficiency, we used: 

  • harmonic free (clean) electricity enabling us to remove the inefficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from the data centre.
  • direct fresh air supply supported by evaporative cooling as a replacement for inefficient direct expansion type cooling systems.
  • sophisticated process controls to maintain efficiency at varying loads and at partial population of the data centre.


In order to provide a sustainable and efficient data centre design for all data centre sizes, power densities and redundancy levels, we 

  • created a modular design which allows simple building expansion with limited cost but without compromising efficiency 
  • installed services in modules (discrete units) for flexibility and to maintain efficiency as the net load of the data centre expands or contracts
  • designed a data centre in which different modules may have different resilience/redundancy levels to suit the local service level requirements.


In order to maximise the commercial opportunity for existing renewable generators, we

  • pilot a scheme which uses 100% renewable energy;
  • demonstrate how, through active power quality management by the provider, renewable energy can be a cost-effective solution that meet the power requirements of data centres.


We can simulate the operation of our design at locations with less favourable climate.

By building a prototype of the Boden Type Data Center, we aimed to prove to investors and end-users that this is one of the most energy and cost-efficient data center in the world, which is able to meet their requirements and is commercially viable.
High replicability potential is expected as we are able to show to our customers a physically existing site, in real operation, which can be used in other climatic zones. We are also able to demonstrate to the end-users a cost-efficient product suitable for many use cases (e.g. HPC, enterprise, cloud, colocation, blockchain management) - ready to be deployed.


We developed a modelling and simulation software tool called DCSim to aid the design of new data centers and audit existing ones. 

Its great advantage is that it calculates the energy consumption, water usage, costs etc. 10-50% more accurately than current design techniques. Higher forecast precision enables a robust evaluation of competing technologies, reduces the risk of oversized designs and leads to better resource efficiency. 



  • Design: 4 weeks • Size: 10m x 21m • Construction time: 4 months • IT capacity: 540 kW.
  • Direct Free Air Cooling with evaporation: 5 pcs EcoCooling ECT and 6 pcs EcoCooling ECV units.
  • Separate test environments: 3 PODs (180 kW/POD) • PUE: < 1.01 • 6 pcs of Open Compute Facebook racks.
  • 1 Test Partner: WDMA Sweden Filial.



Electrical engineering: high to low voltage power distribution, UPS, standby generators; Process cooling: energy efficient, reliable cooling and air handling solutions; Energy efficiency improvements: renewable energy integration, waste heat utilization; Other services: security, fire engineering, DCIM systems, EMC protection; IT deployment: LAN, SAN, WAN copper and optical fiber-networks; Prefabricated data center solutions: containerized, prefabricated, modular, scalable constructions.


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  • Audit services
  • Site assessment
  • Concept design
  • Risk management
  • Commercial management
  • Technical support
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Procurement support
  • Detailed construction design
  • Civil engineering
  • Architectural and structural design
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health) design
  • High- and low voltage electrical design
  • Fire and security systems design
  • PUE (energy efficiency) calculations
  • Detailed TCO and updated business plan
  • Project QA and commissioning management
  • On site construction supervision
  • Facility operation management




Where to meet us

Our project members are happy to meet you at the following events:
Data Center Innovation Region – 28 January 2020, Grand Hotel, Stockholm
Presenter Nils Lindh, Boden Business Agency
Data Centre World 11-12 March 2020, Excel, London


Panellists at DCW in Frankfurt (left to right: Alan Beresford, Jon Summers, Thomas Batz, John Laban, Mark Acton).

Panellists at DCW in Frankfurt (left to right: Alan Beresford, Jon Summers, Thomas Batz, John Laban, Mark Acton).



  • An interesting panel discussion was dedicated to the Boden Type Data Center at Data Centre World in Frankfurt on 14 November.
  • Constructive consortium meeting and annual review with the project team of the EU Commission’s project team were held in Boden, Sweden on 14-16 October.

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