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1 juli 2020

Bodentype DC completes one year of operation

The Bodentype Data Center has been operational for more than one year with a complete cycle of data.

The data center has 3 PODs with different combinations of direct fresh air-cooling systems installed. POD 1 has been operating a so-called test campaign of 6 days pre-programmed and specially tuned IT workloads every 21 days. The other 15 days were devoted to innovative tests and trails involving hardware, process control and system level software. All monitoring and workload deployments were operational by the 5th March 2019 and the first test campaign started on the 18th March 2019 running on repurposed Open Compute Project (OCP) Windmill servers with the last 6-day test campaign ending on the 7th March 2020.

The project has produced copious amounts of operational data, which is to be made available for download via an Open Research Data Pilot linked to a re3data indexed repository hosted via the Fraunhofer Fordatis during the summer of 2020. In addition, an excel spreadsheet is available from the BodenTypeDC website that contains average hourly data of weather and ambient conditions, power consumption, temperatures in the cold and hot aisles, CPU temperatures, server utilisation, cooling equipment and server fan speeds. Additional sheets contain the data averaged per day and then per week yielding 364 days and 52 weeks together with power transient reports associated with operating the data center with no centralized UPS. 

With annual data the BodenTypeDC project was able to complete its participant submission of the EU Code of Conduct for the operation of energy-efficient data centers, which has been accepted and for which the data center is now a participant and endorser of the initiative.

Click here for access to the data spreadsheet


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