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23 september 2020

BTDC partners with Arctiq DC to experiment waste heat utilization

The award winning Boden Type Data Center (www.bodentypedc.eu) project that is known for its ultra-efficient EU funded research facility in Boden, the North of Sweden continues to explore further ideas to make its data center operation even more sustainable. 

The Arctiq DC project (www.ri.se/en/what-we-do/projects/arctiq-data-center) backed by regional funds in the Nordics focuses on research of data center operations in the sub-arctic region.

A vast amount of energy used in data centers ends up as heat. The main objective of the collaboration of the two projects is to experiment how efficiently the waste heat can be used in wood chip drying. Arctiq DC member SFTec from Finland along with Swedish RISE ICE  have installed a dryer connected to POD2 of the Boden Type DC One. The 12 meter long equipment uses waste heat of the data center that is blown onto the biomass circulating on shelves. Overall 150m3 of wood is used over the 14 days research period. Ideally moisture content of wood can be reduced from around 50% to about 30% in order to reach levels where wood chips can be properly used.

The waste heat of 180kW computing power is used in two different intensity settings: normal and high performance computing. Other variables analyzed are the air temperature, air speed and the feeding speed of the wood. Installations and settings on the data center have been arranged by UK based cooling solutions provider EcoCooling and Hungarian DC engineering firm H1 Systems.

Colleagues from Luleå and Oulu University will simulate one full year using the data collected from the experiment based on machine learning and physical modeling. They also plan to calculate energy reuse efficiency rates and other KPIs

Other involved parties supporting the project are: Boden Business Agency, Bodens Energi, Fraunhofer IOSB.

The city of Boden has during the years invested heavily into a sustainable energy system where energy sources from hydro, biogas, and district heating are connected and thereby creating synergies from new energy-, and material flows between the existing (energy intensive) industries. This energy symbiosis is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency by selecting the city of Boden as a strategy node for developing a flexible and robust energy system.

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