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20 december 2018

Full load test of the IT equipment in BodenTypeDC

Two colleagues from H1 Systems supervised the test of BodenTypeDC in person while Swedish research institute partner (RISE) remotely launched and controlled the four hour long, multistage test. The method to make local measurement data also accessible from distant locations is currently being finalized. Another consortium member, EcoCooling also monitored the operation of their special cooling equipment from their headquarters located in England. 

Concerted effort of consortium members preceded the test in the last few weeks: H1 Systems finalized the structure of the building within the projected 14 months. Engineers from EcoCooling commissioned their ECT 10800 evaporative and ECV 18000 freecooler cooling equipment. A team from Forza Hungaria Ltd. installed security and fire protection systems but also contributed to the setting up/mounting of other cooling elements. Last week Rise equipped POD1 with the servers necessary for the test phase. Final adjustments were made: reparation of the optical cable (to improve the quality of internet connection), deployment of OCP servers, cameras and movement detectors.

BBA as the partner responsible for communication activities organized the first official visit to BodenTypeDC.

With the construction phase finished, the test phase is to be launched in the upcoming weeks in order to implement the R&D goals of the H2020 project. Through the testing the consortium will be able to measure the energy consumption of the IT and supporting infrastructure and also to model the replicability of the building in other geographical locations. Operational tasks will be supported by locally based caretakers.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768875.


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